Tuesday, June 19, 2012


In this action-packed martial arts, permaculture, gardening thriller a small-time city farmer says “enough’s enough!” and makes the conscious design decision to take on the problems associated with water shortages and weeds brought on by climate change inconsiderate soil digging practices. After enlisting the help of a friendly local arborist who dumps 3 or 4 yards of free chipped wood mulch in his driveway, the gardening hero, along with his favourite hoe, shovel, and wheelbarrow, fearlessly covers his front beds, side beds, potato and bean patch, blueberry hedge row, hosta haven sitting area, and cherry tree dripline with a good 10-15 cm of water retaining, weed suppressing lignaceous goodness. Tension arises when he notices that there is only about half a wheelborrow full of chips left and the rose garden is still in need. Will there be enough? Watch Enter the Mulch and find out!

Will the roses get their fair share of mulch?

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